Exclusive interview with Tek Recon, pics and more!

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  2. Grobi

    Grobi Benutzer

    Very intresting.......!
  3. skeptiker

    skeptiker Auf Blasted zuhause

    I like the kind how the magazine is build^^
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    BIGBADBANG Benutzer

    quite nice, but i guess because of the safety glasses and the small ammunition they are not suitable for larp :((
  5. impresive, most impresive
  6. Nachtmahr

    Nachtmahr Erfahrener Benutzer

    I wouldn´t be too sure about that. It depends on the ability of that ammo to absorb its kinetic energy on impact. Because the ammo has a ring shape, there should be quite a good potential to transform its kinetic energy into deformation.
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  7. Mazna

    Mazna Super-Moderator

    Also Hasbro sells safety glasses for its blasters...
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  8. i hope the ammo is safety for larp, the blasters look very awsome

    BIGBADBANG Benutzer

    yes me too... especially the hammerhead *.* ... a blaster that works like a real gun *.*
  10. Lord of Xenos

    Lord of Xenos Super-Moderator

    ... with its clip in its grip.
    BIGBADBANG gefällt das.
  11. cc-top

    cc-top Auf Blasted zuhause

    For me it all depends how well the app will work and how affordable the ammo is. I see me losing a lot of these rubber bands. I am skeptical about Larp safety too. Still, I am a bit more excited now than I was when the first infos arrived.
  12. Pelayo

    Pelayo Erfahrener Benutzer

    I love it!,I only see one problem, if it works thru' WIFI or normal phone-net. Some places we play at have no radioreception at all.
    It would be great indoor, but probably not in the woods or lost places with a poor radioreception.
    The ammo lacks of Style, I personally rather prefer the classic one, and it should be really affordable to replace or buy.
    Regarding Safety, in the States they wear safety googles even if they go to the toilett, won't be a point in Europe.
  13. Lord of Xenos

    Lord of Xenos Super-Moderator

    Because we are not shooting with hot glue tipped darts.
  14. skeptiker

    skeptiker Auf Blasted zuhause

    Normally you shall presume this, but by reading this or other boards (like LI's) carefully, unfortunately it coudln't be seen as invariably..
  15. flatten_the_skyline

    flatten_the_skyline Auf Blasted zuhause

    Why do I always see the really good kickstarters after they've landed?
  16. Grobi

    Grobi Benutzer

    is there a releasdate?

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