NDA exclusive - 1 of the Top Secret blasters revealed - Nerf Mega Centurion

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  2. SirScorp

    SirScorp Super-Moderator

    Bad ass...
  3. Aaron Maier

    Aaron Maier Benutzer

    legen...wait for it...dary :D
  4. Michel

    Michel Erfahrener Benutzer

    The box cover looks terrible fakey (not mentioning the extreme size of the blaster at all, the 100 feet text actually obscures parts of the blaster which AFAIK never happens with Hasbro box art, recommended age 8 yrs - but how should an 8 year old hold and handle this blaster?), but after all I read and heard here and elsewhere, it really must be completely legit. If the blaster really shoots 100 feet straight, why doesn't Hasbro write something like 125 feet (as they usually use angled ranges)? I guess the actual box will look differently ...
  5. cc-top

    cc-top Administrator Mitarbeiter

    First of all: Awesome! It's great to see Hasbro really has us fans in mind. Your article reflects that well: What good is sniping if all darts lack the accuracy needed?

    The centurion has some similarities to one of those water pellet shooters (forgot which one), which is cool.

    Love the big darts, they probably deliver a good punch (as did the big Lanard Darts), hope the hits will be noticeable even at long distances. But good things always bring bad things as well: The fact that those special clips and darts are not compatible is a big disadvantage. You could argue that it prevents those long range hitters use high capacity drums and having the best of both worlds: Capacity and range. Having this special "caliber" could help keeping the game even... But all I can think of: Damn, now I need a complete new set of clips and darts... And I do doubt the statement, safe long range darts could only be achieved by increasing the size. 3rd party dart heads made of silicone rubber for example are safe AND accurate - the point here is production costs I think - and making an extra Buck (as always^^).

    What I couldn't make up from your article is what exactly the Electronic Plunger Tubes are - do you mean a mechanism similar to the Stampede? The Centurion itself is clearly manual-loading, as you can see a priming handle similar to Longshot and Longstrike.
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  6. Michel

    Michel Erfahrener Benutzer

    What about the Vulcan? Sports a similar priming handle, but is an automatic blaster, as far as I know.
  7. cc-top

    cc-top Administrator Mitarbeiter

    You're right about this one, however, the Vulcan was the only full-auto-blaster that could also be operated manually (hence the priming handle) - never tried one, but so I read. So it could be that the Centurion is also, but I doubt it, this being a sniper rifle...
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  8. Zappes

    Zappes Benutzer

    A gun that has a size of 1,5m? I'm afraid I'll have to wait for more compact models in the new product line - a gun of that size would be a problem in the office.
  9. fatma666

    fatma666 Super-Moderator

    This is definitely gonna be one of the most mods coming up with this gun. make it fit for normal cs-darts.
    business-idea: modification-set for cs-darts for Centurion. challange accepted!
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  10. Hotzenplotz

    Hotzenplotz Benutzer

    Friggin' awesome!!!
  11. zongo

    zongo Benutzer

    What kind of office? Aircraft hangar?
  12. Zappes

    Zappes Benutzer

    Well, in that kind of environment I wouldn't have a problem with the 1,5m gun, would I? :)
  13. fatma666

    fatma666 Super-Moderator

    Mazna und Lord of Xenos gefällt das.
  14. Lord of Xenos

    Lord of Xenos Super-Moderator

    Ich würds tun, darf aber leider noch nicht ;)
    fatma666 gefällt das.
  15. Stefan

    Stefan Ask me about Blasters!

    Ich würd's tun- mein Bier wird aber verschmäht! :p
    Mazna gefällt das.
  16. Lord of Xenos

    Lord of Xenos Super-Moderator

    Stefan kann dir nen Kasten Blasted drink ausgeben, das wäre auch medienwirksamer!
  17. heckenschütze

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    wyko gefällt das.
  18. Jefe 2.0

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    Hey Fatma,
    die Kiste Bier gibts von mir. Alle anderen zieren sich ja und einen Bruder lass ich nicht hängen. Gibts also spätestens beim nächsten Con.
    fatma666 und Mazna gefällt das.
  19. fatma666

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  20. Stefan

    Stefan Ask me about Blasters!

    Das hat mit Zieren nichts zu tun- sondern mit fehlender Dankbarkeit! ;-) Äh, fehlende Ehrfurcht meinte ich, vor wunderbarem fränkischem Gerstensaft.

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