Prometheus Assault Rifle - work in progress

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  3. Hi everyone! its me again lol. Havent been posting heremuch. had been busy with house shifting and work, got so bad that i didnt touch nerf for almost 3-4 months. Now im back with a straightforward project to bring back my creative juices and it seems to be working lol.

    I have here a work in progress prometheus assault rifle. I am now almost done with the small detail filler pieces. What is left will just be using epoxy putty to blend the gaps etc. then i can paint! hopefully i can post up the completed work soon. But for now, hope you guys like what i have lol.


    Hre is a shot of me holding it. ITs actually not as big as i thought it would be. Everything feels really compact ... especially when its a prometheus to begin with

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  4. LowMecArt

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    Great job!! Now you just need a 130 motoradapter to use a neorhino as pushermotor an get it lipoed!

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  5. olli_e

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    Already followed your building progress on Instagram and I must say, "Dayum! this electric Rival-blaster looks comfy!"

    Looking forward for the finished Blaster!
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    This looks awesome... is the stock and grip 3d-printed or did you salvage it from another blaster?
  7. SirScorp

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    Its from another Blaster^^ (got it in the Basement)

    One of these that shoot little wet paper bullets like some people used in school with a Straw...
  8. x-iled

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    Updates! Laid the base paints. This is going to be one of the 7 sins builds that I'm currently building. This will be gluttony, so orange will be used as its colour. Orange is the colour of gluttony lol. Will be adding in weathering and metals paint and decals too

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    If I didn't see the work in progress, I wouldn't see the Prometheus in this build... it's so cool HOT...

    How did you do the flames?
  10. x-iled

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    Thanks!! The flames were a first try for me lol... basically just masked the area and cut out the flames with a craft knife. Then spray the colours on accordingly. Used a base of orange then red at the tip and yellow towards the heart of the flame for that gradient effect. The white border was just painted on then sanded away . Was trying out this weathered look for the white portions to see if it worked
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  11. DevilZcall

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    i feel like the white would look better if done clean, or with proper paint chipping
  12. x-iled

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    Yup agreed. I'm going to do weathering next so I'm still finding ways to improve the white portion... now the flames look too clean .. everything may even out better once the weathering comes in
  13. x-iled

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    updates on the weathering of the paintjob
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  14. HealterSkelter

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    Way better, now it got much more depth.
    Could be straight out of the Atom Cats arsenal.
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  15. x-iled

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    [QUOTE = "HealterSkelter, post: 172004, member: 4237"] Way better, now it got much more depth.
    Could be straight out of the Atom Cats arsenal. [/ QUOTE]

    yeah i just checked out atom cats ... lol you are right .. it has got a similar vibe
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  16. x-iled

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    gluttony pt 3

    And we are done!!! Firing video here

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  17. David Kö

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    If I had easier access to rival blaster, I would like to build something like that, respectfully cool that part.
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  18. medusa

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    That's what in German is called a "Höllenmaschine". :D
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  19. LowMecArt

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    Hey, x-iled!!!
    Chris here from lowrhine_mechanical_artworks...Nice to meet you here! Outstanding job once again! Crazy blaster besides lust and envy, i think you need a really big HIR-pouch!

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  20. Bmag

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    Nice work, I really love the muzzle flash!

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