The Scourge - full auto bullpup demolisher

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  3. Hi guys! its me again! i have made this to compete in the nerf reddit "merge masters 2" contest.

    This is my entry, The Scourge

    Letter overview - bullpup demolisher

    internals - worker canted aluminum flywheel cage, worker aluminum flywheels, titanium cronus-x motors, r / s pusher with falcon motors
    Ammo counter. 2 stage trigger.

    Grenade launcher - electric mini compressor. Comes with inbuilt cut off psi setting. big salvo tank, panther blast button

    Shells / bodywork - demolisher, photonstorm, thunderblast, 2x scatterblast, revonix, hyperfire, mega thunderbow, plus bits and pieces from my parts.

    here is the imgur album

    here is a pic to get you interested lol
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  4. Balthazar2026

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  5. Mazna

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    I seriously love, how you do your mods in general ! Especially in this days, where it becomes normal to buy a bunch of 3d-printed parts online, stick them to a blaster an call it Modding ! It is always a great pleasure for me to see you cut several different blasters and waterguns into pieces, glue them together and create such wonderful things !
  6. x-iled

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    thanks mazna and Balthazar2026! yeah i prefer to have something made original lol. 3d printed parts/ kits are good but it does kinda get boring as more and more people have the same configuration of parts as time goes by.
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  7. David Kö

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    did you build a valve between compressor and Barrel?
    and if so which?
    the compressor I found on amazon. and would irritate me for a future project.
  8. lifeNerd

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  9. David Kö

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  10. Ophiuchus

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    Another master piece... I love it.
    David Kö gefällt das.
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    @David Kö, noch 30 Minuten bekommt man die Pumpe für nur 36 € und ein paar kleine bei Amazon. Danach wieder für 60
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