Sitting in conference with Hasbro and exclusive pictures

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  1. Eldo

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  2. eddy

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    I showed my 12year old daughter those new nerf-guns. She said they look "cute" and guns shouldn't. She liked the Elite design and colour-scheme much better but said the rebell-line could be ok, if powerfull enough she wouldn't mind the stupid colours. :haha:
    She's my girl :love:
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  3. m4rsmensch

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    Thats so true, I cant believe this comes from a 12year old.
  4. flx

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    As i have a 2 1/2 year old girl i whitness a strage thing going on concerning gender-related products. It is nearly impossible to find clothes for little girls that are not pink and dont show any stupid pictures of ugly cartoon kittens, unicorns or hearts. My girl had a time when she loved frogs and i couldn't find any gilsshirt with such a picture on it. The only way is buy really expensive stuff, which looks some kind of female and NOT stupid.
    I really hate the attitude that girlsstuff has to be that type of cute. Girls playing with nerfs don't want to look cute (thats what i think). At least during a nerfbattle they want to be as hard as the boys. Don't get me wrong. Girls should absolutely be able to be girlish, but that doesnt mean pink, sequins and damn ugly little kitten cartoons bullshit pictures everywhere. My girl loves cars and excavators (whats the english word for "Bagger"?) but she also likes to brush her hair and dance in front of the mirror.

    I wonder if American female soldiers drop pink Hello Kitty Atom Bombs in war and if there will be a girl-camo-uniform.

    my 50 cent
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  5. Mazna

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    Oh yes, i think we will see pink guns and girly-camo in the near future according to the last changes in the US forces... :D
  6. Lupus

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    eddy, does your girl know Tankgirl ?
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  7. fatma666

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    I am also undecided because of the rebel series.
    On one side LEGO got a lot of criticism for the launch of its girls-edition.
    On the other hand 36% increase in sales speak for themselves.
    Unfortunately it is a fact which I know from my daughters as well: pinks sells.
    My wife and I have tried to prevent that, but no chance.
    Girls love pink.

    What I wonder now is whether it is sufficient to bring blasters in a pink design on the market.
    Blasters are a toy, which is rather interesting for boys (exceptions prove the rule).
    For LEGO I fully understand: make a princess castle of LEGO and you got the target group.
    But with blasters ... I'm excited.

    What I like about the rebell-series is the idea with the arch mechanisms.
    In fact, the bow string is actually used for tensioning the Blasters.
    This provides the potential for cool mods, e.g. the crossbow gun, etc.
  8. Zappes

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    I don't see a problem with this kind of gender-theming as it only affects the design, not the functionality. If a girl happens to love pink - great, the rebelle series is right for her. If she prefers blue/white - fine as well, buy elite. If she's color blind and, as a consequence, likes the green Vortex shells, well, buy her a Praxis. In my opinion, there's nothing bad in offering a pink version of some toy as long as the toy is essentially the same. If Hasbro had created a line of "girl's items" that only included shields and a "mobile hospital", that would have been sexist and despiccable. Instead they created a series of blasters with a quite unique look that doesn't include hearts, kittens or anything like that. Never forget that young boys and girls often want to separate themselves from the members of the other respective gender. Having "their own stuff" is not in itself a problem as long as no specific roles are propagated, if you ask me.

    As a side note, I want to mention that I might buy a blaster from the Rebelle line myself. I actually like the 80's-like retro color scheme and the design that reminds me of tribal patterns. I'm not really representative, though, as I'm a male heterosexual of 38 years who owns a lot of hello kitty merchandise which might be somewhat unusual. It probably shows that I don't give a shit about "genderism", though.
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  9. flx

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    Zappes you might be right - its just a toy.
    I thought about the mothers coming into our Dartblaster-store being unhappy about us selling "weapons" to their children.
    No! Its just a toy.
    I decided to stay cool about the Rebel-Line and im happy hasbro didnt reduce thew power of these blasters. This would be some kind of sexism.
  10. MyLastDart

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    hi guys - some great comments, would you be kind enough to give permission for me to use this feedback In my conference calls?

    flx - actually, the blasters were limited to sub 40ft ranges and sub par-power. The girls then played with the Elite ranges, and demanded to have the same power and performance. Toe-to-toe Rebelle actually exceeds some Elite blasters. Elite needs to up a gear. And it has :)

    Some blasters not only have slam-fire, but the bowcaster style also of a sharp-shooter-shot (snipe with bow) and you have the priming hammer and then regular fire mechanism.
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  11. Zappes

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    As far as my comments are concerned, go ahead. Whatever I write in a public forum may be quoted without explicit permission. :)
  12. eddy

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    @lupus: No, I don't think so, she's not into comics. Maybe she knows but I doubt she cares.

    @MyLastDart: Feel free to use my feedback as you please.
  13. flx

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    check (damn i need to write at least 10 letters in order to post so... ah done ;) )
  14. Bam

    Bam Guest

    I have only one Thing to say about the Rebelle Series........WTF??????
    Except the Crossbow,that Looks very moddable to me, everything else is crap.

    oh, BTW feel free to use my Comments ^^
  15. Chuck Chirac

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    What really itches me is: is there gonna be an Elite-Stampede-successor?
    The Hailfire is not really what i expected from a full-auto blaster. Looks quite chunky. Great capacity but i think precise aiming is not really possible with it. Reloading could also get you in trouble in a nerf-war...

    BTW: Of course you can use my comments.
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  16. Nachtmahr

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    In which kind of nerfwar do you need more than 144 darts? Nerf-world-war-III?!? :wuhuu:
    I seldom managed to empty more than 4 18-dart-clips in a nerfwar, even with the Stampede.

    But I am curious about that, too. The Hailfire is not a worthly successor for the Stampede.
  17. Chuck Chirac

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    That´s what i ment.
  18. Srax

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    Thats also what i want to know. Should i buy a Stampede now? or wait for a new elite full auto Blaster...
  19. hoellenhamster

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    Seeing as a Voltage modded Stampede with a Blasterparts spring can get close to the 100 foot mark and get comparable (if not better) ranges to similarly modded Elite blasters I would advise you to get one if you stumble upon a relatively cheap Stampede.

    I feel like the Elite line is a little overhyped because expectations were really low after the Recon/Deploy/Longstrike/Raider era. Don't get me wrong, Eliteblasters are great. The Stampede and Longshot however still top what I have seen of them to date.
  20. geNerft

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    Same here.

    I share the thoughts about the Stampede. I love mine, for both blaster-war and larp. But I'd love to see a Stampede successor with better accuracy. Range can be the same as a Stampede with removed AR, well, further is better, but it is ok.

    The only real use for the Hailfire is an optical mod into something like a stationary weapon like a turret gun for a fortified place in a Larp.

    Other wishes: Usage of a plastic which can be grinded faster (<g>). And the handles (don't know the correct english term) of the guns are too big compared to "real" guns, especially when compared with rifles (I guess the diameter is more than 1cm larger - which is a lot to grind down, see Point #1 ;-). I really wonder how a child can hold a Nerf in one hand and pull the trigger. Next point: For adults the vertical grip (e.g. for the Retaliator) should be a little bit longer, especially when using the 18-mag it's difficult to hold (especially when using it for priming in connection with the Alpha Trooper).

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